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Are you a large enterprise looking for legal support? Are you planning to start a business or run a small or medium-sized enterprise in Europe? Are you looking to expand your business internationally, through M&A, branches, or subsidiary offices?

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Inga Zapała

As a lawyer specializing in EU and international law with business experience in over 30 countries worldwide, I can help you navigate the complex legal requirements that apply to your company.

With me, you can sleep soundly knowing that your organization is compliant and protected.


I can assist you in reaching your business goals across different countries while ensuring that your operations are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Inga Zapala Law

Business & Corporate Law

My legal support I advise companies, organizations, start-ups and individuals. This includes the entire business life-cycle, starting from selecting the appropriate business market and legal

Inga Zapala Law


My legal support Compliance requires a holistic approach and is not ensured just by adopting internal policies. Rather, performing due diligence, including internal processes, is


Business & Corporate Law

I can assist you with drafting and reviewing contracts, ensuring that they are tailored to your needs and comply with relevant regulations.


I can ensure that your business conforms to the compliance laws


I am able to look at legal norms from a broader angle, and therefore provide well-considered and tailored advice.

5+ years

in-house experience

30+ countries

worldwide operated

3 law degrees

& postgrad certifications

expert opinions

conferences and publications

Recent examples of my work

1. Advice on the corporation type and legal system to register an undertaking in Europe based on the corporate objectives and individual circumstances (such as nationality of partners).

2. The focal point for coordination of setting up branch and representative offices in Asia and the EMEA region of European enterprises, including navigating through local regulations and negotiating contracts with suppliers.

3. Drafting and reviewing agreements (commercial, license, HR, partnership, SaaS), engagement letters with accountants, auditors, tax advisors, MOUs, MOAs, NDAs, deeds of trust, partnership agreements and powers of attorney.

4. Advice on corporate governance matters and preparation of corporate and liability structures.

5. Advice on the applicable financial regulations with the view of facilitating the coming audits and procurement.

6. Assisting medium-sized enterprises with compliance issues related to data protection laws, including an internal GDPR implementation (ex. amending agreements, drafting an internal Privacy Policy, preparing registers of processing activities, training of personnel) and marketing practices (social media and direct marketing).

7. Website policies development (legal notices, terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie notice and cookie banners).

8. Daily coordination of legal ongoing affairs across three time zones (Europe and North America).

About me

Inga Zapala

Organizations of different sizes and from a range of sectors have trusted me and enabled me to facilitate their growth in the international arena. My expertise includes Business & Corporate Law and Compliance. 

As one of a few practitioners, I can provide advice not only based on EU and international laws but also national laws and market practices applied by civil law and common law systems. This includes countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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