Inga Zapala

Inga is a four-lingual Legal Counsel with 3 distinct law degrees and a total of 10 years of university education. She has spent over 9 years abroad while obtaining education and further professional practice on the international arena.

The extensive knowledge of EU Law and comparative education of Civil Law (Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Polish) and Common Law (UK and US) systems formed her critical thinking of the legal field in the context of its cross-border implications. Owing to this, she can look at legal regulations from a broader angle, thereby rendering well-considered and tailored advice.

Her expertise has been recognized by academic communities and private enterprises, where she has been invited to publicly share her legal analyses. The practice with leadership and management records at both public and private levels has strengthened her knowledge and evidenced that she is an involved professional and a reliable team player.

& Membership

Inga has obtained a total of 10 years of university education, which granted her 3 distinct law degrees. Accordingly, she holds the titles of Master of Law (Mgr, 2021), Master of Laws (LL.M., 2020), and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B., 2018).

She is also a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO, 2020) (European Centre of Privacy and Cybersecurity, held at the University of Lisbon) and a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

As a Legal Counsel

Inga specializes in Business, Commercial & Corporate Law and Compliance (data protection and whistleblowers’ protection). In particular, she has experience and expertise in EU law, comparative law and complex cross-border transactions.

Thus far, Inga has been cooperating with micro and small enterprises active on national, European, and international levels, as well as with international organizations (IOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

As a Data
Protection Officer

Inga is the main advisor and point of contact in the Company or Organization in the scope of data protection. Her role is to find a balance between what the business needs and the legal obligations by which it must abide.

In other words, she coordinates the internal execution of the data protection policy and acts as an intermediary between relevant individuals or bodies involved in the processing of personal data (such as data subjects, business units and supervisory authorities).



We all know that the ‘lawyers’ talk’ may very often be difficult to understand. Inga’s role is to translate ambiguous legal terminology into a clear language easily understood by her Clients. The goal is to make them recognize the applicable law without being scared by it!


Compliance with the law cannot be limited to only restructuring internal policies. Rather, it must rely on recommending practical options and solutions to entrepreneurs. Every business is unique, and the advice Inga renders is always carefully assessed and tailored to the given entity.


The conformity to EU law is not limited to compliance in just one area. Most of the time, one topic requires abidance by a number of other indirectly related legal acts. Inga is always critical while examining her cases and considers possible implications and legal relevancies of a given matter.


Each business is unique, which means that its legal obligations must be assessed individually. Inga’s objective is to execute the implementation and render counsel in accordance with the applicable law, while considering the nature and specific needs of a given entity.


There is always room for improvement! Inga has been active in attending specialized courses, and conferences, thanks to which she has developed a broader picture of her profession. She has been also publishing academic pieces and attending webinars as an expert in the field.