Free Case Evaluation

In order to schedule a free evaluation of your case, please complete the form below. Following the three steps, briefly describe your situation in the relevant field of the questionnaire.

After submitting your request, you will shortly receive an e-mail with the suggested dates of a meeting, during which we will discuss the issues that you have indicated and the possible solutions thereto.

The evaluation is free of charge and does not oblige you to enter into contractual cooperation. You are not required to decide on further services after the meeting.

The information received from you will be dealt with confidentiality and not disclosed externally.


Step 1: Affiliation

Indicate the type of the entity on behalf of which you are requesting the evaluation, along with your managing function therein.

Examples: Director at a bank hiring up to 250 employees, or CEO at a small private company active in the tourism sector hiring up to 49 employees. 


Step 2: Problem

What is the entity described in Step 1 struggling with as regards the protection of personal data?
(You can indicate a few items.)

Examples: the implementation of data protection policy has not been initiated, or it has been initiated but does not bring the anticipated results.

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Step 3: Goals

What is your goal, or what action in your opinion should be taken to solve the existing problem?
(You can indicate a few items.)

Examples: full implementation of the GDPR, training of personnel, review of the website, or preparation of internal documents.

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